Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Bibliography for Stg 1 Lecutre 'Socially Engaged Practice'

The bibliography for my Stage 1 lecture, Socially Engaged Practice, in the Autumn term 2006/2007 is available here in its full, extended form. It is in part comprised of texts suggested by my colleague at Chelsea Andrew Chesher.

Socially Engaged Practice.
To consider artworks as forms of socially engaged practice is to think about the limits and contexts for making art. Who is it for, what does it do, how does it relate to the world, does it have any functions and responsibilities? Should it initiate new relationships, or reflect on social relationships, allow people to take part, create a specific audience? Is it for a gallery, who is going to see it, what are the limits of an audience’s experience of an artwork? To consider these broad issues is not necessarily to think of art as implicated within political frameworks, but is an enquiry into how art fits into and interacts with the social structures that surround and define us.

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