Wednesday, September 20, 2006

A list of my publications

For those who are curious, or in need of a particular reference, I am posting a CV that might prove useful for those interested in similar fields to myself.


• Art Monthly, September 2006, Folk Art?, a feature on Deller and Kane’s Folk Archive.
• The Top Room, A Retropective, Catalogue of Show at Chelsea Space.
• Art Monthly, September 2005, Review of EAST and Art Out of Place, Norwich.
• Art Monthly, December 2004/January 2005, 'Size Matters', a feature on critical approaches to spectacle.
• Contemporary, No.68 2004, Review of 'I am the Wrath of God' at MOT.
• Art Review, November 2004, Review of Dee Ferris at Corvi Mora.
• Art Review, October 2004, Review of Shimabuku at Wilkinson Gallery.
• Art Review, May 2004, Review of Pearl C. Hsiung at MW Projects.
• Art Monthly, April 2004, Review of Conor Kelly at Peer.
• Art Monthly, March 2004, Review of 'Story of the Eye' at Mead Gallery.
• Art Monthly, November 2003, Review of Des Hughes at The Showroom.
• The Sculpture of the Grant Museum, (with Ann Byrne) October 2003.
• Art Monthly, October 2003, Review of Beyond the Endgame at Manchester Art Gallery.
• Art Monthly, September 2003, Review of EAST at Norwich Gallery.
• Art Monthly, July/August 2003, Review of books by Carsten Nicolai and Adam Chodzko.
• Art Monthly, June 2003, Review of Simon Callery at Dover Castle.
• Art Monthly, May 2003, Review of Langlands and Bell at the Imperial War Museum.
• Art Monthly, April 2003, Review of Giorgio Sadotti at Platform.
• Art Monthly, March 2003, Review of Gary Stevens at Matt's Gallery.
• Free Trade, February 2003, Catalogue Essay on Neil Cummings and Marysia Lewandowska's 'Free Trade', Manchester Art Gallery.
• Art Monthly, February 2003. Review of Adam Chodzko at Cubitt.
• Art Monthly, November 2002. Review of 'Deliberate Regression' at Danielle Arnaud.
• Art Monthly, October 2002. Review of 'Die First' at One in the Other.
• Things, Summer 2002, 'Victorian values: The making of the Albert Memorial' and a review of 'The Glass Aquarium: The art of Leopold and Rudolf Blaschka'.
• Art Monthly, September 2002. Review of 'Panting' at MOT.
• Art Monthly, July/August 2002. Review of John Russell at the Trade Apartment.
• Art Monthly, June 2002. Review of Hew Locke at the Chisenhale Gallery.
• Parachute, April/May/June 2002, 'The secret of the gift: The movement of value in Neil Cummings and Marysia Lewandowska’s Capital'.
• Art Monthly, February 2002, Review of Roman Signer at Camden Arts Centre.
• Things, Winter 2001/2002, Review of Rachel Whiteread at the Serpentine Gallery.
• Art Monthly, December 2001/January 2002, Review of Matthew Ritchie at White Cube.
• Art Monthly, November 2001, Review of Doris Salcedo, Sophie Ristelhueber, Jose Davila at Camden Arts Centre.
• Art Monthly, October 2001. Review of 'Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2001'.
• Things, Summer 2001. 'The Pitt Rivers Museum: Evolution and Culture'.
• Things, Summer 2001. A review of Neil Cummings and Marysia Lewandowska's book 'The Value of things'.
• Art Monthly, June 2001. Review of Tania Kovats at Asprey Jacques.
• Nightwaves (Broadcast on Radio 3), March 2001. Interviewed by Patrick Wright on the restoration of the Crystal Palace dinosaurs.
• Art Monthly, March 2001. Review of Hiroshi Sugimoto at White Cube 2.
• New Statesman, 26 February 2001, 'A site for saur eyes: The Crystal Palace Dinosaurs'.
• 4.28, January 2001. Review of Nils Norman at the Top Room.
• Things, Winter 2000/2001, 'Hopeful Monsters: The Crystal Palace Dinosaurs'.

Conferences and talks

• Reading Benjamin's Arcades, King Alfred's College, July 13 2002.
• Hiroshi Sugimoto, Gallery Talk, Serpentine Gallery, December 27 2003.
• Glenn Brown, Gallery Talk, Serpentine Gallery, September 18 2004.
• Faces in the Crowd, Gallery Talk, Whitechapel Gallery, March 2005.
• Exploring the Utopian Impulse, University of Limerick, March 12 2005.
• Ilya and Emilia Kabakov, Gallery Talk, Serpentine Gallery, December 2005.
• Unpacking the Library, University of Westminster, 10th June 2006.

Exhibitions and projects

1994 University of Essex Graduate Symposium – Group show, Colchester.

1995 2000 Square Feet – Group show at the Fridge Gallery, London.

1997 Wonderland – Collaborative installation with Distant Relation, Chelsea College of Art, London.

1998 Remote – A group show curated in collaboration with Ann Byrne, 13 Laburnum
Lodge, London.
Admit None - Collaborative installation with Distant Relation, Goldsmiths College, London.

1999 The Lyrical Metropolitan - Collaborative installation with Jeremy Glogan, The Top Room, London
Flesh and Stone – A group show at Fordham, London.
Looking for Today - A showcase exhibition for artists working in the West Midlands, selected and arranged in collaboration with Ann Byrne at B16, Birmingham.
Readymade Project – A curatorial project as Wunderkammer, at the Wunderkammer space, London. Work by more than 50 artists including Neil Cummings, Marysia Lewandowska, Graham Little, Simon Morely, Tom Sachs, D. J. Simpson, Julian Walker.
Pre Millennial Tension – Participation in a group show as Wunderkammer, Capsule, Birmingham.
Unreal City - Participation in a group show as Wunderkammer, Fordham, London.

2000 The Great Exhibition - A project at the Wunderkammer space, London.
21st Gear - Participation in a group show as Wunderkammer, The Top Room, London.
The Wolf That Never Sleeps - A curatorial project at the Wunderkammer space, in collaboration with Magnus Edensvard and Vita Zaman.
The Ceramic Collection- A project at the Wunderkammer space, London.

2001 The Donation Collection - A project as Wunderkammer, various locations, London.
The Lake Monsters of Ireland - A project as Wunderkammer.

2002 Cornucopia - A group show at Mafuji Gallery, London.

2002 The Wunderkammer Pound Pamphlet - An ongoing curatorial publication featuring work by artists and writers.

2003 The Sculpture of the Grant Museum - An audioguide installed in the Grant Museum, London.

2005 The Top Room: A Retrospective, Featuring a Newly Presented Work By Mel Bochner, Chelsea Space, London.

Selected Reviews
Art Monthly, December 1999/January 2000 - The Readymade Project.
Hampstead and Highgate Express, March 2000 - The Great Exhibition.
Time Out, October 2000 - The Ceramic Collection.

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